Financial Aid Award Acceptance


The following federal financial aid awards are awarded in an ‘Offered’ status.

-          Federal Work Study

-          Federal Direct Subsidized Loan

-          Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan


Aid awarded in an Offered status must be accepted by the student.  You can accept the financial aid awarded online.  Following is the process for accepting your award online.


Online Financial Aid Award Acceptance

  1. Log onto your MVSU Banner account at

           First-time users, the following applies:

a.        Your Login ID is your 9-digit Banner ID Number

b.       Your PIN is your 6-digit Date of Birth 

          Current students, your login ID and PIN is the ID and PIN that you created. 

  1. Select Student Services& Financial Aid
  2. Select Financial Aid tab
  3. Click “My Award Information”
  4. Click Award for Aid Year and select the correct aid year from the drop down menu and then select Submit
  5. Select the Terms and Conditions tab
  6. Review and read the Terms and Conditions governing your financial aid award.
  7. After you have selected Accept, you will be able to access the Accept Award Offer tab
  8. On the Accepted Award Offer tab you have the following options, accepting the full amount of all awards, declining a single award, accepting a single award, or accepting an award partially.  If you are accepting the full amount of all awards simply select that option.  Make your selection on each fund then select the Submit Decision button.  Once submitted, you will not be able to alter your decision; you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office to make changes. 


Printing a paper copy of your award


If you would like a paper copy of your award letter, select the Award Overview tab, then select “Print” right below the General Information Tab.  This will open a new window that you can print off and will serve as your paper financial aid award letter.


Terms and Conditions

Before you will be able to review and accept any award offered to you on the Accept Award Offer tab, you must first certify that you have read and understand the terms and conditions that govern your financial aid award.  Once you accept the terms and conditions you will be able to access the Accept Award Offer tab. 

Title IV Authorization Form

Federal Regulations require that before we can disburse aid to your account and pay any indirect expenses on your account (i.e.-parking fines, library charges, etc.), we must have your authorization on file.  To ensure that your accounts are paid in full and that any excess funds can be refunded to you in a timely manner please complete the Title IV Authorization form now.  This authorization must be printed from the web, completed, and returned to the financial aid office.  The authorization may be found online on the financial aid forms page.